Dave Targett
25 June 2020 | Dave Targett

Biodynamics Preparation BD500

The use of biodynamic preparations are fundamental to our biodynamic farming practices.

Preparation 500 involves packing cow manure into cow horns. The horns are then buried in a pit and retrieved in Spring. Diluted with water, the preparation is then applied to the soil. With regular applications, BD500 will increase populations of earthworms, soil bacteria and fungi, enhance root development and improve soil structure and the absorption/retention of water.
Sounds somewhat weird and wonderful, doesn't it?

Bio-dynamic Filling the cow horns with manure
Filling the cowhorns with manure.

Cow horn filled with manure

Laying the cow horns in the pit.
Laying the cow horns in the pit.

The filled horns are ready to be buried with topsoil and will be retrieved in spring


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