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2 August 2023 | Press Releases | The Pickled Pixie

'Big, bold and broody' Tempranillo makes a mark | The Pickled Pixie



As I flitted around the region this week, I spied with my little pixie eye a wine that could cheekily tempt anyone into loving it!

Meet the darkly delicious McHenry Hohnen Tempranillo - a wine of gusto and intrigue.


Originally hailing from the rocky lands of the Iberian Peninsula wine regions of northern Spain and Portugal, this bold and broody grape found its way to Australia during the 1990s.


And it seems to love the Margaret River soils and climate.


The name comes from the Spanish temprano, meaning 'early', which is fitting as this grape makes an entrance earlier in the season, ripening before other red varieties.


And with such a vibrant personality, why not steal the show?


There are some brilliant examples of this Spanish variety across the country; however, McHenry Hohnen's Temp is a cracker-commanding the arena with bravery, agility and grace.


If you love a good winter's red, I urge you to try this juicy and delectable wine. And hey, even if you are not a red wine fan, trust me, give it a go.


Thriving in the gravelly soil of their biodynamically certified Hazel's Vineyard in southern Margaret River, McHenry Hohnen's Tempranillo vines produce concentrated, thick-skinned berries with intense flavour and fragrance.


"We are aiming for a fresh and aromatic Spanish Crianza style, so we keep extraction very soft, yet retaining the typical Tempranillo tannic profile, which is savoury and earthy," explains head winemaker Jacopo 'Japo' Dalli Cani.


A Tempranillo's personality can be courageous and passionately egotistical as a matador or light and sensual on its feet like a flirty flamenco dancer.


Temper or temptress?


Is it bold and knows what it wants?


Or is it just downright beguiling and caressing?


MH's Tempranillo simmers perfectly in between-cloaked with a bullfighter's dazzling charisma and brilliance, yet twirls with the elegant poise of a bailaora de flamenco.


There is so much to love about this wine.


"It is a true Tempranillo, stomping its feet rhythmically to its Spanish roots, yet sublimely Margaret River in its branches, a parting gift from the southern soils from which it is grown."

Japo's words and winemaking capture this perfectly.


"If farmed with attention and consideration and applying the correct care and technique in the winery, you can produce expressive, exciting wines that deliver a unique sense of place."


So, my friends, it's time to pull out the dusty paella pan, refine your taco repertoire, or polish your pizza-making skills and invite the gang to celebrate Tempranillo.

Wine is more fun when shared!

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McHenry Hohnen



"The colour screams of vibrant, juicy depths-the kind you want to dive into.

From the first smell, you enter a velvet forest of dark fruits, and lush brambles, with wisps of violet and a pretty pop of sarsaparilla and cherry cola.

The palate continues the seamless tale of plush fruit, braided with subtle spices and dusky cacao that lends a chocolately smooch.

The tannins and acidity harmonise to perfection, producing a wine that stands to attention yet lingers meltingly in the mouth."


Pickled Pixie_ Busselton Dunsborough Times 20.07.23


RRP - $45

WC - $36



2022 Sanector Wine Show Trophy Best Alternate Red 




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