Jacopo (rebaptised "Japo" by his fellow Australians) was born in Soave,in the north-east of Italy. Growing up surrounded by vineyards and wineries it isn't surprising Japo pursued a career in winemaking.

After graduating at the Viticulture and Oenology University of Conegliano, Italy and upon gathering valuable experience at renowned local producer Inama, Japo decided to broaden his knowledge by travelling to other wine regions both in Europe and in the new world. Japo completed internships in Bordeaux, Barossa Valley, Margaret River and in New Zealand.

Impressed by the quality of the wines and by the breath-taking beauty of the landscape, he returned to Western Australia and permanently settled in Margaret River.

"I have always been fascinated by wines that are not only delicious but also enriching and inspiring. I believe that while pleasing your senses great wines are capable of taking you on a journey to where the vines deepen their roots, they should capture the true essence of the land and the people who farm it."

As part of the McHenry Hohnen team, Japo shares the principles of minimal intervention winemaking and enjoys crafting single vineyard wines of distinctive character that are honest and truly hand-made.